Bicycles with an Extra Push

Electric bikes take the stress out of play.

Brad Benyas, owner of EVOLVE Segway, says that a favorite part of his job is seeing people light up as they take their first ride on an electric bike. “We get comments from customers like ‘Wow, this is what I thought biking should always be like,’ ” he says.
EVOLVE specialized in Segways when it opened over 10 years ago, but has now shifted half its focus to electric bikes. Benyas says both electric bikes and Segways are permitted on bike trails around the state, as long as they abide by trail speed limits.
 His favorite trails include the Greenway as well as the Cedar Lake Trail. “It’s kind of undiscovered and quiet over there,” he says.

EVOLVE Segway offers free demos of a wide variety of motorized mountain bikes, fat-tire bikes, road bikes and all-purpose city bikes. Check the website for rental fees. EVOLVE suits both people looking to stay active in their golden years, as well as those just looking to get where they’re going a little faster.