Dance Through Life

Learning how to dance a little happier.

It’s a part of human nature to dance. In the car, kitchen, parties, we all find our ballrooms in small moments of time. It doesn’t require professional status or even any formal training, but if you want to get your twirl on with some extra flair, Duende Dance Studio in St. Louis Park can help.

Duende’s lighthearted atmosphere melds happily with their supportive instructors to make the art of dance more accessible to students of every age and skill level. The studio focuses on improving and developing skill sets to encourage students to continue dancing.

The studio’s four instructors—Leah Lapic, Byron Johnson, Mike Lerum and Eda Marshal—teach several types of salsa, bachata and West Coast swing classes together and individually. Lapic also hosts Zumba classes on Thursdays and Sundays, a lively form of dance and exercise.

Lerum began his dancing career as an attendee of rock concerts, but found his passion for African Caribbean dance while attending the University of Minnesota.

Johnson helps dancers perfect salsa at Duende, a dance which is his “longest-lasting obsession.” Salsa is the most popular at Duende and is also taught by Eda Marshall. Salsa is offered Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.