Fountain of Youth?

Green Energy founders want to help people fight disease, lose weight and gain energy.
Sharlene and Franco Romero

This year 1,500 companies applied for the MN Cup, a new-venture competition for entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators. Only 80 companies advanced to the next level—including Nurish, a whole-food supplements business owned by St. Louis Park residents Sharlene and Franco Romero and their business partner, Bob Nemer.

Health problems led the Romeros to search for natural ways to free themselves from debilitating symptoms.

“I was diagnosed with MS, but instead of taking MS drugs, I changed my nutrition. My neurologist says I’m the poster child for living well with MS. Most people diagnosed with MS when I was would be using a wheelchair,” says Sharlene Romero.

Her husband, Franco, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. “I eliminated all my symptoms: inflammation, swelling of joints, digestion, and skin rashes just from drinking the Green Energy,” he says.

Green Energy is Nurish’s flagship product. It is made from organic freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. “We also put in enzymes to help the body break down food, a full day’s supply of probiotics, ancient grains (chia, buckwheat, amaranth), all superfoods. It also has vitamins and minerals,” says Franco.

Franco says people get frustrated because every year it seems like there is a trendy new nutrient that everyone supposedly needs. But “nutrition is simple,” he says. “The body needs a little bit of everything, not a lot of everything.”

“You can throw them out,” continues Franco, referring to individual bottles of probiotics, vitamins, minerals, or greens supplements that focus on separate issues like energy or detox. He says one 8-gram scoop of Green Energy will give you all you need. Each scoop has 82,000 ORAC, a food antioxidant measure, the equivalent of 25 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Franco Romero says strength is the first way they are ahead of their competition, and the second way is taste.

“It’s surprisingly tasty,” says Ben Wolfe, head football coach at St. Louis Park High School. He was given a small sample of Green Energy from the Romeros, whose son Logan is on his team.

Wolfe has now been using it for six months. “As a teacher, I have to get up early in the morning and I’m not really a breakfast eater, so I put Green Energy in a protein shake and get all the nutrition early in the day,” says Wolfe.

Wolfe also recommends it to his players, “The kids don’t always make the best food choices. I think one of the biggest underestimated parts of athletic performance is diet. The players aren’t averse to trying it, and something you can throw in a bottle of water is pretty beneficial,” says Wolfe.

Sharlene Romero says Green Energy can be used by anyone, including pregnant and nursing moms, and babies when they are first introduced to fruits and vegetables.

But they have found their base customers are people 35 and older who are getting a sense of their mortality.

“We’ve accepted this concept that we need to age gracefully, that we will look older, that we will feel older. But deep down inside we know this doesn’t have to happen,” says Franco.

Franco himself had been taking Green Energy only to manage the symptoms of his disease, but in November 2015, he decided to stop drinking glass after glass of juice, his biggest “vice,” and eating bowls of cereal at 1 in the morning. He also cut back on other foods, kept taking Green Energy, and in the process “recalibrated” his body, shedding 40 pounds.

Green Energy is available at and natural food stores including Whole Foods.