Green Up Your Gardening

A review of Alice Bowe’s High-Impact, Low-Carbon Gardening: 1001 Ways to Garden Sustainably.
Meet Lisa Kjellander, St. Louis Park librarian extraordinaire!

Can gardening be any greener? Find out with Alice Bowe’s book, a resource about green gardening practices. Bowe offers ideas for gardening sustainably—from simple tips to intensive makeovers, including alternatives to power tools, information on rain harvesting and more. Bowe rigorously evaluates different materials and techniques to help you identify the greenest solutions. She keeps good design at the forefront while offering invaluable information on features including decks, lawns, and paving, along with techniques such as sustainable planting, hydroponics and fire-proofing for the average homeowner. It’s a very readable and practical book with lots of eye-catching pictures, hints and tips, plus quick reference information in the book’s margins. There’s a comprehensive glossary at the back to help with jargon. —Lisa Kjellander, librarian, St. Louis Park Library