December 2016 St. Louis Park Magazine

Occasionally, it takes just a second to notice the simple things in life.
Check out these poultry-centric dishes in St. Louis Park.
Local composer John Penny pursues his musical muse.
These local gifts hit close to home, helping St. Louis Park residents and their friends prepare for the coziest, classiest holidays yet.
Allen Hamilton and Susan Wagner join roster of St. Louis Park celebrities.
Green Energy founders want to help people fight disease, lose weight and gain energy.
Minnesota Representative Peggy Flanagan is motivated to serve children and families in need.
Studio U offers classes that utilize Power Plate and Pilates for a stronger, healthier body.
City hopes to receive funding for the Walk/Lake Street area.
Book picks from the experts at the St. Louis Park Library.
Annual menorah-lighting ceremony will take place again this year.