The New DIY

Board & Brush brings people together to craft unique and versatile pieces of art.

Before wife-husband duo Jen and Andrew Fleury decided to open their own Board & Brush studio in January, neither had much experience with woodworking—or teaching, for that matter. There was a learning curve that came with opening their own studio, they say, made even more interesting with the option of a few glasses of wine.

The rustic wooden signs that Board & Brush specialize in are inspired by the “country farm” style that has been on the rise in recent years with celebrated HGTV designers such as  Fixer Upper’s Joanna Gaines. An element that the Fleurys both appreciate is the individual choice of design by each participant, something that the more common “paint and sip” studios don’t necessarily offer.

“That’s the nice thing about what we have,” says Jen. “You don’t walk away with a painting that will sit in your closet.” Juggling more than 200 customizable designs, as well as pacing a class where everyone is working with a different design, pose challenges that, “make it a little more stressful,” says Jen, “but it’s worth it.”