Tackle Your Plate with Pilates

Studio U offers classes that utilize Power Plate and Pilates for a stronger, healthier body.

Before opening Studio U, Kristin Procopio worked at Park Nicollet as a physical therapist for a decade.

“I kept seeing my patients come back after I discharged them. They would go back to the gym, and have a really hard time figuring out what kind of exercises they should do,” says Procopio. “Even though you are discharged, you may not be completely healed. There is still vulnerability. Your body is still figuring it out.”

Studio U, located in Uptown, is a Pilates studio that uses the expertise of physical therapists to ensure clients’ proper movement and offers training so that the clients can get the best results. One of the classes, called Power Plate, takes traditional fitness and applies Pilates principles. The Power Plate itself is a vibrational platform where the client can do exercises, massages and stretches.

Procopio, who was the first in the Twin Cities to get a Power Plate, credits her mom for getting her started with this form of exercise.

“My mom found an article about Power Plate, and asked me if I had heard about it,” says Procopio. “So I flew out to Chicago and took a class. I found it to be amazing, and fell in love with it immediately.”

Studio U has grown, and according to Procopio, many of her students tell her they keep returning because they feel safe and comfortable in the classes. Studio U also offers 30-minute barre and sculpt classes.