Third Annual Gamer’s Rhapsody Is Back in the Park

Finding art in everything.

With the rise of the millennial generation, art has evolved into something more fluid in meaning as well as more technical in creation. This current regeneration of artistic expression has widened to include something as colorful as paint and as multi-dimensional as sculpture: video games.

St. Louis Park resident Thomas Spargo took the initiative to create an event ensuring that the labors of game designers and developers don’t go unnoticed.

In 2014, Spargo hosted the inaugural Gamer’s Rhapsody, an event dedicated primarily to the music featured in video games, but also highlighting the work of local and professional developers. This November marks the third annual Gamer’s Rhapsody. Ten musical performances straight from and inspired by video game songs will be the central events of the convention. The 2016 performers include Nerd Enhanced Sound (NES), Do A Barrel Roll and The Sunshapes; music will be also be played in the Jam Café sponsored by Red Bull. Spargo relishes in these musical activities, “being the music fan that I am,” he explains.

This year, Gamer’s Rhapsody and Midwest Game Jam will partner to host a 24-hour game jam in which teams of developers will have one day to create a game fitting a prompt given at the beginning of the challenge. These games will then be available for convention-goers to play and enjoy. Gamer’s Rhapsody also boasts a game-themed talent show, regional Super Smash Bros. competition and, new this year, a string clinic.