Two St. Louis Park Businesses Help Clients Bring in the Light in Winter and Beyond with Lighting and Home Accents

Two St. Louis Park businesses help clients brighten their homes with lighting and accent pieces.

Light is a subject on the minds of many Minnesotans come March. We know the worst of winter is behind us, but spring’s freshness is still a wait away. Two St. Louis Park business owners offer tips on brightening your home to add beauty until the sun is back with us again, and well beyond.

Todd Pearsall, lighting designer and owner of Filament Lighting and Home, knows shoppers crave light when days are dreary. Pearsall’s clients, from homeowners doing large-scale makeovers to shoppers who are seeking smaller items to help brighten their homes, seek him out for his artistic sense. Designers of downtown’s many new condos make up a large part of Pearsall’s client base, as do boomers who are downsizing. Pearsall also offers furniture, a range of accessories—from traditional landscapes, sunsets and horizons to animal-themed to abstract pieces—and home accents like clocks, bookends and plaques.

Collaborating with his clients to create the look that’s right for them is an aspect of his business that Pearsall enjoys most. He offered some tips to brighten and change a room’s mood: Layer lighting to add warmth. Chandeliers, floor lamps and table lamps can be combined to give dimension and enrich the look of a room. Small mirrors add sparks of light. Wall art can be an effective way to illuminate a space. Metal art and lighting fixtures provide pops of brightness. Synthetic trees freshen a room; favorites are tropical varieties such as mango and palm that add warmth. Remember scale: When selecting lighting for larger spaces in your home or for outdoors, keep in mind that fixtures need to be larger so they don’t get lost in proportion to the space.

Nancy’s Newcomb’s shop, Odds & Ends Furniture Warehouse, offers showroom samples and discontinued styles with an emphasis on accent pieces, floor lamps, sofas, sectionals, chairs, art and rugs, where customers can get high-end items at a great price. Her stock comes directly from manufacturers, so every week brings different offerings. Newcomb has always had an eye for style and color, having started her career as a women’s clothing buyer.

Newcomb notes that accent pieces like lamps, rugs and pillows can transform a room. Trending now are cooler colors, like grays and blues, from light blue to navy. These colors call out for a little warmth, especially in cold weather. Because gray floors are popular, Newcomb recommends rugs in shades of blue with pops of orange to warm up the look. She adds that lush rugs, like shags, are regaining popularity. These add a cozy feel, she says. Wall décor with pops of orange can make rooms sparkle. Newcomb says art is also a key factor in warming up the cool tones that are now in favor.

Newcomb’s son is her business partner, and her sister works at the store part-time.

Customers enjoy the easy, low-key feeling. Newcomb emphasizes that they want customers to feel relaxed in the store so they can explore without feeling pressure. They’re a family that works and plays together, and the warmth is apparent to customers.